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Overseas Weddings

If you intend to marry overseas, please note that marriage celebrants authorised in Australia can only perform legal marriages within Australia.

Marrying an overseas partner

If you wish to marry your overseas partner and seek residency for your partner you may need to visit the Dept. of Immigration for a Fiancé Visa Subclass 300.

  • You will need to satisfy all Legal Requirements for marriage in Australia.

  • You will need to contact your celebrant (if your partner is not in the country, one party can make the arrangements)

  •  If neither if you are in the country everything can be arranged from a distance.

  • You will need to provide proof of identity, evidence of date and place of birth.  Original documents must be sighted by your celebrant before your wedding.

  • Pay a non-refundable booking fee which covers the completion and lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage and a letter of proof to the Department of Immigration, providing informing of the date and location of your wedding and advise of your payment of a non-refundable deposit.

  • The date of your wedding can always be changed to accommodate time frames.

  • If required I will send you a letter addressed to the Embassy handling your application providing the information they will require Your partner will need to lodge this letter with their application to the Embassy in the country from where they are making application.

  • Once the visa is granted you must marry within 9 months.

  • You will both need to provide proof of identity which must be original documents.

  • Notarised official English translations by a NAATI translator if any documents are in another language.

  • Original proof of end to a previous marriage. Death, dissolution or divorce.

In Australia you do not need

  • Blood tests or Medical examinations

  • Pre marriage education

  • Public notification of your intended marriage

  • To be a resident for any specific time or become an Australian citizen

  • To remain in Australia after your marriage

  • Obtain consent if you are 18 years of age or more.

  • To have a public ceremony or change your name.


As long as all legal requirements are met your ceremony can be simple with just yourselves and your two witnesses or as grand as you like!


I can only offer to help in my capacity as a Registered Marriage Celebrant, I cannot offer any advice on Immigration matters, and the information on my web is limited.

Getting married overseas

The Smartraveller website has detailed information about getting married overseas.

If you intend to marry overseas, please note that marriage celebrants authorised in Australia can only perform legal marriages within Australia.

An overseas marriage cannot be registered in Australia, and the foreign marriage certificate will be evidence the marriage has occurred. Ensure you keep this certificate as it may not be easy to replace if lost as it provides the only evidence of the overseas marriage.

Please note that it may not be possible to rely on a marriage certificate issued overseas for some purposes in Australia. A party to a marriage which takes place overseas may not be able to rely on an overseas marriage certificate to have an Australian driver's licence or an Australian passport issued in their married name.

An overseas marriage will generally be recognised in Australia if it:

  • was a valid marriage in the overseas country

  • would have been recognised as valid under Australian law if the marriage had taken place in Australia.

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